FB репортажі Юріса Ульманіса з України

Опубліковано 2016-07-29

Juris Ulmanis  у Lutsk, Volyns'Ka Oblast', Ukraine.

Atis and Juris pay their respects to some of the recent fallen heroes from Lutsk that fought and died for ‪#‎Ukraine‬, against Russia.
Inna Vishnevska, her daughter, Solomeja, and son, lost their father to Russian agressors in ‪#‎Ukraine‬ war. ‪#‎HumanitarianAid‬ ‪#‎Latvia‬ Мeцeнaти для сoлдaтa
These wonderful guys are wounded soldiers, and in the hospital because of Russia's brutal aggression towards ‪#‎Ukraine‬‪#‎HumanitarianAid‬ Мeцeнaти для сoлдaтaMeeting with ‪#‎Ukraine‬ soldiers in a war veteran hospital. ‪#‎HumanitarianAid‬Мeцeнaти для сoлдaтa
Fantastic medical personnel work in the war veterans hospital! ‪#‎Ukraine‬‪#‎HumanitarianAid‬ Мeцeнaти для сoлдaтa